Is It Really Legal to Play Casino Online for Real Money?

     Money Generally, the answer is - it depends. Indeed, none of the continents adopted a common approach to this area and even the most popular tourist destinations for land-based gambling do not guarantee that you can easily play online there. However, most of the developed states at this moment have regulated this area somehow, not without the difficulties. Let's review the most interesting occasions and legality of online casinos for real money together.

Legality as the Inevitable Factor

Still, the notion of legality is hard to underestimate. Right? It is something much more important than regular characteristics of the software provider, a super high return-to-player (RTP), animations of the amusements or progressiveness of the jackpot. Legality is a common umbrella for all these segments as it ensures that a person can certainly get money in its gambling account and to withdraw it safely without breaching any laws. It differs from a simple licensing which grants a right to a particular online casino to render services and to offer various amusements (classic or video slots, poker, baccarat, roulette, craps, blackjack, live dealer games and online slot machines with progressive jackpots, etc.) and promotions for hundreds of games (bonus rounds, cash bonus, loyalty scheme, bonus spins, free money, sign up bonus and others with wagering requirements).

Means of Legality Verification

Crucially, a gambler shall know whether to obtain verified and real information concerning the legal standards of online gambling. Such details are already mentioned in various forums, blogs and websites of casinos itself. Nevertheless, the primary source shall always be the actual bills and legal acts of public authorities. If none of such searches makes it clear whether an individual can freely play through PC/laptop or mobile, users shall raise questions to the relevant governments.

Legal Acts And Government Notices

As mentioned, it shall be absolutely the most trustful source. Therefore, check that first regardless what other websites are mentioning as the latter may display out-dated info. Nowadays, e-government portals allow gaining access to main legal acts. Crucially, it means that an individual can easily search though and read in details what is allowed/prohibited.


Sometimes, acts are not clear or refer to numerous legal documents. Therefore, there are various specific websites which clarify such rules:
  • licensed and regulated casino sites
  • software provider's official website
  • blogs
  • independent auditors
  • forums etc.
High Rollers and VIP persons, are strongly recommended to look only at the official information from state authorities as the risk is higher.

Legal Standards in Different Countries

Countries The evolution of gaming online throughout the history has led each country to establish a diverse approach for real money gambling. Generally, the tendency is moving towards allowing such activity via the web under strict conditions to ensure the prevention of money laundering when playing real money casino games. However, a large list of countries, like the Middle East region, is strongly against it and doesn't foresee the changes in the nearest decades. We will review only the following countries:
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • The USA
  • Canada

The UK

The island has a liberalised manner to enjoy top online amusements via desktop, instant play or mobile casino after Gambling Act from 2005 was enacted by a gaming authority. They operate under the UK gambling commission guidance. Whether the service provider located within the UK jurisdiction or abroad, it can conduct its business when all necessary permissions are obtained.


The latest version of 2001 Interactive Gambling Act sets a general prohibition to provide online games by entities registered in Australia or abroad. However, there is no punishment for Aussies to actually gamble, the fine only concerns top casinos.

The United States

Rules of gambling for real money play in the USA is rather different for land-based and web spheres. Moreover, the permissions to online playing for real money are regulated by each state separately. At this moment only a few are more likely accepting it: Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Maine and Kentucky. Meanwhile, Ohio, Alabama, Missouri, Southern California, North Dakota, Nevada and California make it conditionally legal.


The Criminal law of this country prohibits all possible kinds of gambling, whether land-based or online. It concerns companies registered in this country and there are different views on its applicability to foreign-registered platforms. Nevertheless, the amount of illegal and offshore casinos is huge which are not properly regulated.

Dangerous of Illegality

Undoubtedly, many companies providing best real money online services are functioning worldwide without a needed permission. Such firms are risking each day to be detected and closed by official authorities, even if bypassing the rules was working for years. Thus, each customer of such platforms is in danger as it may create restrictions to him/her concerning a unilateral change of the terms and conditions. National authorities can easily prosecute a person for money laundering, freeze assets, max withdrawal or min deposit using any payment methods. The banking at casinos for real money can vary in debit and credit cards (Visa, Masterdard), pay by phone, e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz), prepaid cards, wire and bank transfer. The best real money online playing, however, depends on a few more factors. Respect their privacy and cookie policy. So, gamble responsibly to have a pleasant gaming experience playing at online casinos!